Comcast/BT Part 4

Well after my last reply now Comcast is saying somethings wrong with my computer…

Dear Brett,
Thank you for your message concerning your Comcast Internet connection.
My name is Lindsay, and I appreciate you taking the time to contact us.
I understand you have been experiencing issues with your Comcast High-Speed Internet service. We remain committed to providing you with the best online experience possible and understand the frustration when services are not operating up to standard. I will be happy to assist you.
Since we cannot effectively troubleshoot connectivity issues via e-mail because of the limitation of the medium, please visit us in chat or call us the next time you experience a connectivity issue so that we may troubleshoot with you in real time. In the event we cannot resolve your issue, we can either escalate it to the network technicians or schedule a service call. If it is determined that the issue is caused by Comcast High-Speed Internet owned equipment, appropriate credit can be issued to your account.

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