Comcast/BT Part 3: the reply

After a good nig–days sleep (not really) I decided to send out my reply…

Due to the fact nothing on my side has changed for a long while (My computer has 2GB if RAM and 200GB of hard drive space on just the C: drive alone) I suspect the following reasons you have outlined are false. I do not have any problems visiting any torrent sites that’s not the problem I am referring to. I also doubt the host server speed has anything to do with it for when BT you're not connected to the server (or tracker) but rather you are connected to the peers. There is a very noticeable difference in performance of my torrents especially when trying to seed (after you have download the whole file) a torrent that has many peers. The way BT works the more seeds and peers connected to one another the faster the file transfers.

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